to the Dependance "Blue Tower"

Please allow us to whisk you away on a little discovery tour of the blue tower ("Blauer Turm"): its late-Gothic side-gabled building is looking back at an eventful history. In addition to the exposed wooden roof beams dating back to the 15th Century, its Baroque timber setts bear witness to the ongoing modernization process over the centuries. Every epoch has left its marks on the tower. But history's charm has remained, emphasized and enhanced by the design of the third millennium.
We will be delighted to welcome you at the reception desk of our "parent establishment", 
Hotel Münchner Hof, and to accompany you along Tändlergasse lane to our "outpost" Blauer Turm (the blue tower)

tl_files/bilder/blauerturm/140_s.jpg   tl_files/bilder/blauerturm/141_s.jpg   tl_files/bilder/blauerturm/142_s.jpg   tl_files/bilder/blauerturm/143_s.jpg

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